Available positions

We are always looking for new people to join the lab. Below is a description of the position categories
    • Postdoc – We are looking for talented postdocs to join the lab. You should have a background in neuroscience and be an expert in some of the techniques we are using, of which you can find more information in the research section. At the moment, we do not have funding to support further postdocs, therefore it is a major advantage if you have funding to provide your own salary. We are able to secure all necessary infrastructure and research facilities. If you do not have your own funding, there are lots of possibilities to apply for funding and you are welcome to contact us, to discuss whether there might be options to apply for funding from where you are situated. This requires that you have a strong CV, preferably holding at least one publication in a high-impact paper.
    • PhD student  We are always looking for new PhD students. There are several funding opportunities in Denmark and we are happy to discuss possibilities and assist in writing an application to obtain funding. There is a strong competition and therefore you should have at least one paper from your earlier work
    • Master student – We are looking for master students to join our lab and we have several projects that are very appropriate for master students to participate. Project examples are listed below. 

Novelty-enhanced memory boost

The main part of this experiment is focused on behavior.

Investigating the processes of memory consolidation in the hippocampus. We are using different behavioral experimental setups to create and manipulate memory strength and duration. We use a variety of manipulations, both surgical and environment, to disrupt and enhance the consolidation process to better understand the specific molecular components involved in the processes, mainly the influences of dopaminergic stimulation in the hippocampus.

Unraveling of mechanisms of dopaminergic memory retention by the locus coeruleus-hippocampus circuit.
The main part of this project is in-vivo experiments, including surgeries and optic photometry.

The aim is to investigate novelty-induced Dopamine (DA) release from Locus Coeruleus (LC) axons in the hippocampus (HPC). The LC is defined in textbooks to be the noradrenergic center of the brain, releasing Noradrenaline (NA) during different physiological responses such as arousal. We have previously shown (Takeuchi et al., 2016) that LC can also co-release Dopamine (DA) – another important neuromodulator – and we are investigating the memory boosting effect of DA co-release in the HPC. To do that, we are using high-tech new techniques such as optic photometry.

The second aim is to investigate how DA is released from LC axons. We will be using a variety of in-vivo methods to manipulate the expected co-release mechanisms.